IGS’ Growth Towers revolutionises the commercial challenges in vertical farming and global food production

Growing global population and climate change initiatives are driving the adoption of vertical farming. However, high operational costs, together with biosecurity risks and crop type limitations, are some of the current challenges facing the nascent industry.​

Our Growth Towers are a fully automated, modular, plug-and-play system designed to address these challenges and much more.

With crop yields 2-3 times higher than greenhouse or open field farming from a footprint one percent of a hectare, IGS’ Growth Towers are not only highly productive but are commercially sustainable too.


Growth Tower


Top benefits of the Intelligent Growth System

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High quality and consistency with rapid growth. Basil for example takes 18-23 days in a Growth Tower versus 28-35 days in a greenhouse.

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Crops are grown in a clean environment and zero pesticides are required, so there is no need for chlorinated washing.

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Our farms deliver exactly the volumes you want, all year round, anywhere in the world.