Achieve sustainable food security regardless of location

smartmockups_kcovjj4bVertical Farming: sustainable food security for a changing world

Vertical farming is a viable route for farmers and other food producers to create a consistent, reliable product regardless of location.

IGS' introduction guide to vertical farming is aimed at those who are:

  • Interested in learning more about vertical farming;
  • Undertaking due diligence prior to starting their own vertical farming facility; or
  • Enhancing their existing operation.

We aim to provide a fair and balanced view, backed by the latest data and without unsubstantiated assertions. 



IGS’ Growth Towers revolutionise the commercial challenges in vertical farming and global food production.

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High quality and consistency with rapid growth. Basil for example takes 18-23 days in a Growth Tower versus 28-35 days in a greenhouse.



Crops are grown in a clean environment and zero pesticides are required, so there is no need for chlorinated washing.

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Our farms deliver exactly the volumes you want, all year round, anywhere in the world.